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Provide a world class tooling infrastructure to cater needs of companies with high precision and high accuracy tooling & component requirements. Have a rapid prototyping ability to help companies reduce the downtime in realizing their products. Create value with innovation.




Speed up delivery time from concept to molds.


Bring the whole product life cycle of tooling and injection molding under one roof.


Work as a team with clients to innovate and create growth for client and the company.


Meet the changing needs and desires of consumers.


Offer value to clients with outstanding quality, technology and support.


An in house CAD/CAM design facility with state of the art 3D software and state of the art 64 bit workstations are available at our workshop.

A comprehensive mold flow analysis, material flow and cooling behavior will be simulated accurately for both the injection-molded part and the mold. We deliver significant cost savings to the client at all stages of the tooling process.


Comprehensive back up and security solutions are in place to protect your data from being lost or destroyed. We value your business interest and intellectual property. We will have secure data storage standards and industry standard encryption in place. Personal are trained on ways to protect your data.


Services Overview

We have the latest state of the art machinery at our tooling workshop. The tooling workshop compensates our fabrication and injection molding operations by drastically cutting down on cost and time from the concept to production.We have the following machines at our workshop:


  1. AgieCharmilles Wire Cut EDM Machine FI 240 SLP.
  2. AgieCharmilles Die Sinking EDM FO 350 S.
  3. Gildemeister compact vertical machining DMC635 V.
  4. Gildemeister turn mill center CTX 310 V.
  5. Engel Victory injection molding machines.